Certified REIKI Master Healer (Level 2)


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Level 2 gives students the skills to practice reiki on others and open energy channels more deeply. Students also receive their symbols during this level. There are five symbols in reiki and each one corresponds to a specific energy (power, harmony, distance, mastery, and completion). Students are expected to use these symbols to bring the universal energy of reiki into their everyday lives in more practical ways. The symbols can also help people provide reiki over long distances or send healing energy wherever it may be needed in the world.

Duration: 2 days (4hrs each day) 8hrs 1 day


  • Pillars of Reiki
  • Level 2 attunement to 3 sacred Reiki Symbols
  • Cleansing Techniques
  • Shielding and Grounding
  • Reiki Meditations
  • Aura Cleansings
  • Reiki Wish Box
  • Space Cleansings and Energizing with Reiki
  • Reiki on other people, spaces, crystals, pets, house, lands, food etc. with symbols
  • Aura Exploration
  • Chakra Opening and Balancing
  • Mechanics of Distance Healing
  • Principles and Laws of distance healing
  • Distance Healing Techniques
  • Customized Protective Shield
  • Introduction to Kundalini system
  • Detailed Approach to Healing Others
  • More Powerful and New Symbols


The Level 2 attunement is typically given in one single attunement, with a focus on opening up the heart chakra, the midpoint between the physical and spiritual chakras.

It is recommended to take at 3 weeks between your Level 2 and master training, to allow the lessons you just learned to really sink in.