Physical health IS one key part of wellness, our approach towards well-being is the integration of a healthy body, a healthy mind, and healthy energy.
The body is an amazingly complex and interconnected system. What happens in one part is not isolated there. The physical state of the body affects our minds and energy. The reverse is also true – our minds, emotions, and energy certainly influence the physical health of our bodies.
At Meraki wellbeing our healing approaches are focused to resolve physical health issues by considering person as a whole—body, mind and energy—in order to provide deeper, long lasting and permanent solution
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Mental wellness is equally important as physical wellness, sometime its mind and mental wellness that matters more. Body chemistry is one component, but so are stress levels, mindfulness, and our ability to practice non-attachment. We at Meraki wellbeing address mental wellness through traditional methods like therapy, healing and meditations, and we can also incorporate the practices of mind sciences and the teachings of yogic philosophy.
We offer variety of powerful mind science tools based on integrated approach of eastern yogic sciences & western psychology in addition to cognitive coaching approaches to help our clients transform their lives through changing their mindset, resolving their emotional issues and rewiring their behavior patterns!
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Energetic wellness is the most important and often overlooked part of holistic wellbeing. When our energy and life-force are unable to flow freely within our subtle and physical bodies, we often see it manifest as physical symptoms. Exploring practices like breath work and healing modalities like Reiki, chakra work, and acupuncture are excellent ways to address this aspect of well-being.
At Meraki wellbeing we offer a variety of different energy medicine approaches to heal and transform our clients.
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Today, more people are finding inspiration and fulfilment in their lives and workplaces by bringing their spirituality into their environment. Spiritual wellbeing means the ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life through a person's connectedness with self, others art, music, literature, nature, or a power greater than oneself.
Spiritual wellbeing is about our inner life and its relationship with the wider world. It includes our relationship with the environment, our relationships with others and with ourselves.
At Meraki wellbeing, we offer a various spiritual healing methods for the purpose of healing any issue at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
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