Meraki Wellbeing Centre

Meraki wellbeing centre, A Dubai based wellbeing centre has the unique passion of bringing Health, Happiness, Peace and Success in all areas of your life, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, we work towards empowering you by Integrating eastern inner wellbeing sciences with western psychology and mind sciences, it opens a new dimension to explore and know the inner power and unlock the human potential to bring balance in life.

It is an initiative to create a transformation, with the aim and intention of helping you in your personal growth. Our Trainings, coaching, mentoring, healing and everything we offer are based on holistic approaches. This involves the mind, body, energy balance and spirituality addressing physical, psychological and spiritual aspects which allows us to experience life wholly and completely inspiring you to overcome your limitations.

Our effective methods and trainings empower you with effective solutions and practical tools to helps you overcome the limitations of uncertainty, worry, anxiety, stress and depression and give you clarity, confidence, disease free body and an issue less mind.

Our team of experts backed by years of experience, have formulated training modules, personalised individual therapies and counselling, with a view of providing a direct hand on approach and we offer the same to

·         Schools & Colleges ·         Healers and Therapists
·         Parents & Guardians ·         Trainers, Life coaches and Mentors
·         Corporates & HR Professionals ·         Psychology Students
·         Social Welfare Organizations ·         Medical Professionals

Our Approaches all non-invasive, non-bias and non-religious, addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of your life for your holistic transformation.

If you are stressed, uncertain or unhappy and want to take charge of your life, we are here to support you on your journey of physical, mental & emotional transformation by reconnecting, integrating and aligning with your inner self and creating true happiness.

On the corporate front, Meraki focuses on providing effective tools for the well- being of the staff and the company. This would help in dealing with stress, understanding work-life balance to improve efficiency and happiness.

Meraki understands that every individual has an innate potential that can be tapped into to bring out the best in the individual. The objective is to take advantage of the intensity of the human potential by developing our inborn gifts and expanding our inward assets to adjust the employees’ objectives to the organization’s vision.

We provide comprehensive wellness packages for the well-being of individuals, employees as well as the organisation.

Services for Individuals, Corporate Organizations & Educational Institutes include:

  • Meditation & Yoga Activities
  • Self-Empowering Workshops & Seminars
  • Transformational Coaching in a wide variety of self-developmental approaches
  • Retreat Programs
  • Corporate & CSR Programs for Team Building, Training, Coaching
  • Holistic/Wellness Training & Education
  • One to One Healing and Coaching
  • Wellness programs for Parents, Students & Teachers

In the present competitive corporate world, every employee needs to prove himself which leads to stress and burnouts. The result of this is poor performance, failure to meet expected results and negative conduct.

It is this group of people that needs help, guidance and therapies for de-stressing. However, time becomes a constraint and this leads to further complexities of their health. Research and studies have proved that this leads to the overall poor performance of the organisation.

Our many years of experience in the wellness industry has allowed us to tailor the best comprehensive stress management solutions for individuals as well as the organisation. This would resolve various factors and triggers that induce stress within and outside the workplace.

Our Team